Detjer dining chair
Detjer dining chair
Detjer dining chair
Detjer dining chair

Detjer dining chair

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Detjer dining chair available in brown and black. Detjer's minimalist, Chandigarh-inspired style. This dining room chair is a compliment to the table. A design that ensures a comfortable and active posture. This way you will find the connection with your company. Dining, conversin...

Mindi wood, Rattan

Rattan is a beautiful natural, flexible and very strong material. And because our rattan is tensioned manually, this very labor-intensive method ensures significantly more tension than with machine-tensioned rattan.

All these qualities offer extra seating comfort, comparable to that of a seat cushion that has a high quality in density.

Depending on use and user, the tensioned rattan molds itself over time, but the seating comfort is retained.

There will always be small variations in the fabric and the exact colors of the rattan. No two rattan panels are identical. Keep this in mind before you buy our products. Slight variation in the nature of our product.

Use a cushion to prevent damage.

Brown, black

L 76 x W 50 x Seating depth 53 cm

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