Our products are authentic and original and mostly one of a kind pieces. We try to update our website as often as we can, however we sell our products on a first come, first served basis, therefore it is possible for an item to be sold, but still be visible on our website. Some of our products are not for sale, because they belong to our own private collection and are used for decorating purposes only.


We do our utmost to describe all items as explicitly as possible, providing as much history and detail as is known to us. It should be noted that the items we are selling are vintage and may in some cases have some age-related wear, such as marks, variations of surface texture, minor scratches or losses, retouching, and other issues naturally associated with use and age which form a part of the appearance of vintage items.


Some of our items were manufactured before today’s stringent health and safety standards. Most of our products are in the original condition, i.e. electronic devices sometimes still have the original wiring which may not always be compatible with those standards. We advise you to check with an electrician if you wish to use the products on a daily basis. Please be aware that we do not imply any guarantee of compliance with today’s health and safety standards.


We restore our products in its original condition and mend or change where necessary or where we think would fit with the aim to ensure that the condition of any item is as reasonable as possible given its age and nature. We would not offer for sale any items that are in an unacceptable condition for either display or for normal daily use. Substantial damage or extensive restoration or losses to an item beyond this will be stated in our descriptions. However, signs of wear are normal and appropriate to the authenticity of vintage items. By placing an order, you acknowledge the vintage nature of the products we are selling and that we are not be liable for any defect arising from wear and tear.