C A S A  G I T A N E  

“Let’s create a story because every room has one”


Gitane: gipsy – Casa Gitane: inspired by faraway places, travels around the world and a nomadic lifestyle. Gitane agency creates interior concepts for restaurants, retail, private homes and events. Casa Gitane private label is a collection of unique treasures and designs.

Love for interior, travel, materials and fabrics lead to the foundation of Casa Gitane. Casa Gitane founder Stella Willing has years of experience as a lifestyle and travel editor of Dutch Glamour and Vogue. During travels to Morocco, Mexico and Bali her love for raw materials, fabrics and unique pieces was born.


Machteld van der Werff, co-founder of Casa Gitane, is a creator, planner and producer. She worked as a marketing & event producer for several magazines like Park and Dutch Vogue before she moved to Scotch & Soda, where she and Stella launched Scotch Collectables; a collection of unique, designed pieces, vintage finds and treasures. Where Stella is the creative heart, Machteld translates this into real life concepts and production. Their fondness for beautiful things and keen eye for design led to this new adventure: Casa Gitane.

To add to the uniqueness of their interior designs and concepts they travel the world in search of one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, eclectic interior treasures that complete the look they envision. Casa Gitane stands for the unique mixture of styles, the combination of old and new, from simple pieces to design classics, all items carefully selected. They see beauty in details and they do what they love most: creating beautiful spaces, spaces that tell a story, because they believe that every room has one.









“Life is pretty simple; you do some stuff. Most fails, some works. You do more of what works, if it works big others quickly copy it. The trick is doing something else”.